This Blog This Christmas

Christmas is fast approaching and it is by far my most favourite time of the year. So I have decided I will be blogging throughout December I’m going to attempt to blog several different things:

1. Vlogmas – After watching several other youtubers vlogmas series I have decided I want to join in this year. This means from the 1st December Katie-Jo and I will be vlogging over on our YouTube Channel everyday up until Christmas! (There is a link in the sidebar to our Channel)

2. Capturing December Photo Challenge – I will be posting a different photo everyday for the whole of December!

3. 25 Day Photo Challenge – Much like the ‘Capturing December Photo Challenge’ apart from this will only run from the 1st until the 25th December.

I will also be including several other posts throughout December so keep checking back and make sure you Subscribe to Katie-Jo and my YouTube channel to keep up with us through Vlogmas!

I’m not sure if these things will make it to the blog on the right day, but who knows I might surprise everyone!

– Stacey xo


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