Life: Attempt 2 at being a Student

When we moved to Cardiff I wasn’t sure if I was going to pass my foundation degree as I was having to resit some of my exams due to missing them in May. I ended up having to do one exam and two assignments, apparently I have passed my course – although I’m not sure what percentage/ grade I have ended up with although in all honesty I will be happy with a pass.

However due to all the uncertainty of if I’d be able to get on to the top up course I decided to check out what my other option were. As I have used up 2 years of my student finance already doing another foundation degree was basically my only option. So I took to the internet to see what courses were available and to see if I had the necessary UCAS points to qualify- plus the beauty of clearing meant they were a bit more flexible with the entry requirements.
To cut a long story short I will be studying a Foundation Degree in Paralegal Studies as of the 22nd September with the University of South Wales. I am really excited as this year I won’t have any of the other distractions, basically I will be a ‘normal’ student. I also have an amazing tour guide who knows their way around Cardiff in my beautiful girlfriend. So I am in a pretty good situation to start my new studies! There is a downside, I have to endure the contact and struggles of student finance for an extra year – I also hope that my application gets sorted sooner rather than later as due to waiting for a place through clearing I didn’t send everything off till later than usual, so fingers crossed it isn’t delayed for too long.
– Stacey xo

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