Poem: She’s The One

She’s the one I turn to
She’s the one who
Picked up the pieces of my broken heart
She’s the one who hasn’t given up from the very start

She’s the tattoo on my arm
She’s the one who protects me from harm
She’s the one who taught me to trust
She’s the one there because she care not because she must

She’s the one I want to wake up next to
She’s the one who
I can always open up to
She’s the one who knew

She’s the one I can confide in
She’s the one where my head could lose and my heart could win
She’s my comfort in the night
She’s the one I’d lose to in a fight

She’s the one by my side
She’s the one who
Will be my future bride
She’s the one who’s always on my mind

She’s the one
She’ll forever be the one
She’s my only one

– Stacey xo

Poem: The Year

2012 is the year things would change
2012 is the year things did change
The year I realised I couldn’t hold these feelings in
The year I decided I needed to fight the demons I held in

2012 I told my story once
2012 I told my story twice
The year I knew I was ready to learn to be me
The year I decided I wanted to let people see

2013 I fought a battle
2013 we fought a battle
The year you taught me I wasn’t alone
The year I abandoned the place I once called home

2014 the year it came out
2014 the year I had no doubt
The year I was doing the right thing
The year I was fighting a battle I was going to win

– Stacey xo

Poem: Slowly

One day I will be free
From the horrible memories you have forced upon me
Slowly I am getting there
Slowly my mind is learning not to care
About a secret I was once to scared to share

You may think I have come along way
But my mind often likes to stray
Like anyone I have good days and bad days
Sometimes I struggle to know what to say

I’m slowly learning how to let my feelings show
Slowly sharing a past I wish I never had to know
It’s always going to be apart of me
But it isn’t something people will always see

-Stacey xo