Its Okay To Be Gay – Ellen Page

I don’t often openly talk about my sexuality, but this is so true. I am incredibly lucky to have such amazing and supportive family and friends who have made me comfortable enough to be able to be myself. It took me a long time to be able to feel comfortable to feel that I could be openly gay, all because of being too aware of how other people perceive you and how they can treat you and make you feel.

Being able to love and be loved by another person is an incredible experience regardless of whether they are the same sex as you and no one should feel ashamed of this. I think that everyone should be able to experience loving another person and being loved by another person without feeling as though they should hide their feelings. Everyone should feel comfortable enough to be able to express their love for another person without feeling as though its wrong.

I am so lucky to have my girlfriend – one of the most kind, caring, supportive and loving people I know. I’m even luckier to be able to not feel the need to hide our relationship as I know so many people do. Its incredible to know that my girlfriend is my best friend, my present and future.

I hope that it continues to get easier for people to ‘come out’ as I know for so many people this is such a difficult step and so many people as so apprehensive of how their families and friends will react. Not only this but I hope that people continue to be supportive of those who aren’t straight and fit the ‘norm’ as its that support that makes people feel as though they can be themselves and not hide their true self and be someone that their not.  Particularly as each person has so much to give no one should feel the need to hide themselves.

I hope that others can see as I have learnt that its okay to be gay and that you don’t need to pretend to be someone you’re not.

– Stacey xo


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