Early Christmas

Yesterday me and Katie-Jo decided we’d celebrate Christmas early together. It was a really good day!
I woke up early and it felt like it took ages for her to wake up. Once Katie-Jo finally woke up she made me a cup of tea and then we went back to bed to open our presents. I was really spoilt, Katie-Jo got me a ring, tickets to the Harry Potter Warner Bros Studio tour in London, a cuddly minion and a minion calendar! I love all my presents and I’ve been completely spoilt!
Katie-Jo made me breakfast. Which was really tasty. She thinks she cant really cook but she can!
We watched the Grinch whilst I made us a roast dinner. I ate so much but it was so good!
We finished the day watching the Holiday while having a drink.
It was really good to have an early Christmas together as we aren’t able to spend the actual day together. I love spending time with her and I can’t wait till next year when we can hopefully actually spend Christmas day together.
I can’t wait to visit the Harry Potter studio tour next year.
– Stacey xo

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