My View: Teens Exposed

Recently I had a ‘run in’ with a lad who though it was okay to post explicit photos of his ex girlfriend online as pay back for her cheating on him. I completely disagreed.

Regardless of the gender I feel that it is never okay to share something that is meant to be so personal and private and make it completely public and place it somewhere where it will be available forever and could potentially damage their future career. Plus both parties could regret it in the future but due to where it has been put in a moment of anger they aren’t able to take it back.

The moral of this story is that if it is avoidable (which in theory it is) don’t share these kind of photos however, people will and do so make sure it is with someone you can completely trust and that you are aware of the risks involved afterwards.

Imagine if that was your daughter…

– Esjae xo

Snapchat: stazzyhubbs

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