Recommends: ‘Love My London’ – Soneni & The Soul ft. Leroy Rose, Ms KG, Tshaka Campbell, Comfort & Alim Kamara

I thought this was a great recommends video feature after what was achieved in London this year plus its always good to see what other people think of the capital.

I personally loved the whole video, the production, the words, the way it was developed – the whole concept is a great idea.

– Esjae xo

Poem: I’m Not Famous

You might not be famous but that doesn’t mean
That you didn’t have a tough time as a teen
And you didn’t have to smile when you wanted to break down and cry
Because people where asking too many questions, trying to get you to lie
Sometimes you have to stand tall
Even though you want to crumble and fall
Sometimes you’ll feel like you’re being dragged through
With everyone telling you, that you’re doing things wrong
All you can do is stand strong
The only thing getting you through day to day
Are the dreams people tell you are getting in the way
You don’t need to be famous
To achieve greatness
Just believe in yourself and you’ll get there
It doesn’t matter if people stop and stare
As long as you follow your dreams
In which you’ve always been able to believe
No matter how big or small they are
On you’ll be sure to achieve
And in your own way you’ll become a star
Taken from my new poetry book.
– Esjae xo

Poem: A War We’ll Never Know

They’re fighting a war we’ll never know
Just wishing for them to come home
But instead they’re out there
Doing the things we’d never be able to bare
Putting their lives on the live
Not knowing what they’ll find
Some have come home with battle scars
Some have come home in funeral cars
Others have mental scars
However they come home
They will never be alone
For we should give them as much support as we can give
For without them this life we’d be unable to live
We should remember the freedom they have given everyone
We have no reason to whine or moan
Because we are still walking the earth under the sun
With the chance to see are children play and have fun
Without them we wouldn’t have this life
Or the chance to hope and dream
So if things are the way you wished they’d be
Take a minute to think of those who have lost their lives fighting for you and me
Taken from my new poetry book.
– Esjae xo

Poem/ Book: My Little Black Book of Poems Vol 1 (Free)

My brand new *FREE* ebook is now available! 

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It features two of the most viewed poems from my blog ‘Dear Santa’ and ‘Deadbeat Dad’ as well as including a few poems which haven’t been uploaded to my blog!

Please feel free to share it with your friends, family and colleagues.

Let me know what you think.

– Esjae xo

Poem: Dear Santa

Dear Santa, It’s that time of year
When we ask you to listen with open ears
I know that this Christmas there will be a few who will shed a tear
When they think of a beautiful little girl who can’t be here

I’m not writing to you to ask for material things
Just for you to visit a little girl with angel wings
I hope you won’t mind,
Especially as she won’t be hard to find
For she is the brightest star in the sky

She didn’t get a chance to walk this earth
So no present will truly show her worth
For she is the smallest angel in the sky

We didn’t get to hear her cry
Or to listen to her first words
As she was already flying higher than the birds

She can’t write this letter for herself to ask for toys
Like all the other girls and boys
So I wish to ask for you to,
Deliver a simple message
And giver her the knowledge
That although she isn’t here
We’ll always hold our thoughts of her dear
Wishing that she could be near
Our love for her will remain strong
For in our hearts she will always belong

Sleep tight little angel tonight
For I will watch your star so bright
As I say goodnight

– Esjae xo