Business Notes: Work Based Learning – Writing A CV (2)

When writing your CV it is important that you DON’T:

  • Do it in a rush
  • Leave gaps in employment
  • Lie
  • Include irrelevant personal details (eg. marital status)
  • Simply write a list of duties under work experience
  • Use large or flashy font
It is important to stress that there is no single way to write a CV this is because it is your own document  so it can be structured and presented as you wish within a basic framework.
You just need to remember that you CV will be the first impression an employer will have of you. It is your marketing brochure through which you are trying to sell yourself.
When emailing potential employers with your CV don’t leave the subject line blank as they will not read your email!
Comments from past recruiters:
What is the first thing you look for in someone’s CV:
  • Layout must be logical and easy to follow
What is likely to make you reject a CV:
  • Spelling mistakes/ lack of information
  • Bland CV
What is likely to make you seriously consider a CV?
  • Good academic record
  • Something about you as a person (hobbies, interests and extra curricular activities)
  • Practical work experience (not necessarily related)
  • Other evidence of ability to work with people or showing initiative.
What is your preferred format for CV?
  • Typed
  • Easy to follow
  • Conventional format

– Esjae 


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