Yesterday was quite a busy day, I got up fairly early compared to my housemates so I had to be really careful because I didn’t want to make too much noise. I ended up not having breakfast (I did have a rather large chocolate cookie) due to a lack of food supplies – I only had tinned food. Scott text me saying he was going to be arriving at the station at 10 so I decided to leave at about half 9 thinking that would give me plenty of time to walk. I was wrong. I ended up walking at a very fast pace, trying to navigate and work out where I was using a map from the uni website which didn’t have all the roads on it making it ten times harder to work out where I was and how far I had walked along. Once I reached the HUGE ASDA I was quite familiar with where I was and managed to get myself to the train station at the same time as Scott’s train arrived which I thought was pretty good going!
Once me and Scott managed to find each other, we went into ASDA because I had a huge shopping list of things I found I hadn’t got and would probably need. We walked around the whole of ASDA and then I decided I would get everything closer to my house so I didn’t have to carry it for very long (that was obviously the student in me coming out). So both then walked back towards my house and into the mini ‘high street’ (basically a long road filled with loads of shop – mostly discount, extremely cheap shops… a students best friend). I managed to get some food and bits a pieces that I needed then we headed towards me house, Scott met my housemates then I made us lunch (toast – an impressive dish) and we then went out and got some more stuff that me and my housemates decided we should probably have (extra pots and pans and stuff like that). When we got back to the house no one was in, so we went up to my room and ended up falling asleep!
Once we finally woke up we decided it was about time to walk back to the train station because it was getting late and I didn’t want to have to walk back through Bournemouth on my own in the dark. Before Scott got his train home we went back to ASDA so I could get the last few things I couldn’t find anywhere else and we got a McDonalds (I shouldn’t have but I couldn’t resist the temptation). Scott just missed one train so I waited with him until the next one came and then he had to go – I wanted him to stay, but he had a return ticket for that day and had no money on him.
I walked quite slowly back to mine and stopped off at one of the shops just before my road to get myself a bottle of Malibu. Once I got back everyone was in Stefan and Katie were eating dinner in the kitchen and I ended up talking to them and talked int0 going to a bit of a house party at the house down the road. It was good fun at the house party and the people at that house were really nice although I felt bad because Scott was expecting to talk to me Skype and I didn’t think I would be gone as long as I was but when I did get back we did have quite a long chat on the phone.
Mon 17 Sept at 79 alma road
When me and Scott got off the phone I went downstairs for a drink and Katie suddenly appeared and we ended up staying up talking. Stefan came home about half 1 and stayed talking with us until we all decided to go to bed about 3 am.
All in all it was a pretty good day!
– Esjae x

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