Interview: David #2

Hello David last time we spoke to you you had just settled into playing for Maritimo how is it going…?
First of all hi and thanks for having me back and taking time to interview me but the answer to your question is was going really great I had been playing under 20’s football and a lot of b team games so I am glad to have had that experience this year.

You said it was can you explain how come you are back in England…?
I can’t really go into detail to much but I have been forced to come due to personal reasons.

So for now Portugal and Maritimo is on hold….?
At the moment yes I still have a 4 year contract and I plan to see it out but for now I am in England.

What do you have to say to the fans at Maritimo…?
I would just like to say thanks because they have been really supportive and what a lot of people don’t realise is I’m only 20 I’m still young and living in Portugal without hardly any family was a hard thing but something I managed to get past I have a lot of love for the fans and I will be back and when I return I shall return with a bang.

What do you plan to do in England while your over here…?
Basically I have to wait and see what is going to happen with the reason I came back but other than that I think I am just going to spend time with friends and family and keep training and working hard.

Now we know how you didn’t mention a girlfriend is there a special someone in your live…?
(smiles and turns head to management staff) ha erm I’ve gone all red but the answer to your question is yes

Can you expand on the answer …?
Unfortunately not all i can say is she’s beautiful and amazing.

Are you pair serious…?
As serious as you get ha.

There are recent rumours you are creating your own brand can you give us any information…?
#39 that’s you need to know for now

So when do you need to go back to Portugal …?
My plane leaves in July

Is there any chance you could be staying in England beyond July …?
I am never going to rule staying out it but my future belongs in Portugal and at Maritimo but for now I’m in England.

And finally is there anything you would like to say or get off your chest….?
Once again thanks to everyone who has supported me and understood the reason behind why I came back and believe me I will return.

Esjae x

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