Interviews: Rapper & Producer Hitesh Patel

This interview is with up and coming rapper and producer Hitesh Patel.

1. To those who don’t already know you or your music how would you describe it and yourself?
I would describe my music as passionate and motivational. I’m not your average rapper that claims to be a gangster who ‘pops caps’, which itself is getting repetitive amongst rappers these days, yet they are nowhere to be seen?!? Lol moving onto something positive, as I was saying I try and keep it real so you won’t be inflicted with bullshit. Also when I talk about murdering rappers I don’t mean literally, but on a track you know on the beat, after all why not let the music talk? You can check out my music at my YouTube channel, the link will be at the bottom of the interview. You will be able to tell that when I started off It was for a contest, which was hosted by a guy called Drama B who I was subscribed to. I think I came across his music via a beat I found on YouTube which he had produced. Turned out he was a rapper too which was pretty cool. So yeah the contest he made, had a cool beat which I liked so I decided why not get on it? That’s how I pretty much got involved with rapping. Then after that I released some songs with an actual message/topic such as drug abuse. So I really found my feet when I started rapping as I realised I could express my beliefs and show others what rapping is all about and should be. So yeah it’s all about positivity, I try and be the all round rapper you know with the punch lines, flow etc got to have everything!

2. What initially encouraged to you start writing/ producing music?
Production wise goes back a long time, probably when I was 11 or 12 I came across the program acoustica beatcraft which had some samples you could mess around with and put together to make a piece. Then I moved onto Fruity Loops Studio, which was sick and I still use it to this day, obviously a different version. When it comes to rapping, like I said in the previous question I decided to enter a YouTube contest, and I went on from there really.

3. Who is your biggest influence musically?
Me. I am legend. Nah umm well obviously I’m an influence but there is no ‘biggest influence’ for me, I just say what has to be said in my songs. But some artists I listen to are; Mic righteous, Lowkey, Hyperaptive, J Cole, Kendrick Lamar and Eminem. Like I said they are only ‘some’ so don’t be mad if I’ve missed people out ok. Lol

4. What has been your biggest achievement to date?

Achievements? I didn’t know there was such a thing since everyone wants you to fail. Ok that was a bit harsh. Umm an achievement I’m aware of is 500,000 views on YouTube but I’m not one to brag That’s all I can say for now, stay tuned.

5. What goals have you set yourself for the future?
Big house, beautiful wife, fast car, that’s my shit. Just kidding, I couldn’t care less about materialism. Money ain’t shit but a hoe and bitch. If you think otherwise then get out of here now. Moving on, I would love to have a music video with over a million views now that would be something. Another goal would be collaboration(s) with artists that I’m fond of. Producing a track for a well recognised and talented rapper. A lil motivation for anyone, chase your dreams down before they escape. Stay positive it’s the way forward, think you WILL succeed, make it happen. Dreams are for real of you put your mind to it

6. What can your fans expect from you in the future?
BIG THINGS. You get me? Umm to be more specific I should probably start work on a mixtape but I gotta get school out the way first so nothing is promised yet but will be soon. After that it depends how it goes really if I can build a decent fan base then I can start focusing on something more serious like an album to expand even further. You can except music videos too for songs or just freestyles and some general videos of announcements etc to keep in touch with the fans.

7. What do you focus most on producing or rapping? Why?

Rapping for sure because it’s something I can do if I’m feeling a beat. On the other hand producing is similar as you need to be in the right mood but I guess I’ve just been slacking with making beats haha. But don’t worry I’ve been working on a few which I will drop soon and maybe even rap on them myself

8. Who would you like to collaborate with in the future?

Nicki Minaj for sure mmm Daym she is fine Joke, what a fake and ‘stupid hoe’ I prefer real women. Ouch. Anyway Collab wise whoever makes good music really, that could be an established person like Low key to other rappers who might not be on the radar yet or are or just starting but still show skill and potential. Oh and Katy Perry can lay naked on my bed anytime.
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