Business Notes: The Relationship Between Businesses and the Technological Environment

Technological Change

New businesses which exist due to technological change:

  • Photobox
  • Moonpig
  • Glasses Direct
  • Kindle, electronic readers
  • Business card printers
  • Smart phones
  • Online Gambling

Impact of Technological Change

Marketing Opportunities:

-Buy information from databases
– Easiers access to products for consumers
– Product development
– Online
   -Pay to have link in search
   -Adverts on YouTube
   -Banners across websites
   -Advertisements (pop ups)
-Larger markets
-Market development
   -Access to new markets
-Viral Marketing

Processes/Systems used by Businesses:

-Electronic stock control
-Electronic point of sale
-Customer ordering and buying
-Online tracking systems
-Electronic answering systems
-Computerised applications

The impact of technological change can also effect the culture of some businesses

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