Interviews: Footballer David Yep (Plays for CS Maritimo in Portugal)

Here is the my latest interview, this time with footballer David Yep who plays for CS Maritimo in Portugal.

1. When did you first start developing an interest in football?

Erm …. it was when I was 7 I used to go and watch my dad play every weekend without fail but in the week my granddad used to always show me clips/pictures of when he used to play for CS Maritimo so I always had that passion and hope to play football and follow the footsteps off my dad and granddad.

2. How did the opportunity to play for CS Maritimo come about?

(smiles) Ha basically I grew up in Portugal and my granddad was the club ambassador of Maritimo when I was around 11/12 but he always found time to come to my games and one day he brought another person with him who happened to be the coach of the under 13’s and spent the whole 60 minutes just talking to my granddad and pointing then after the match I remember him walking over to my mom and dad and then it just went from there.

3. How long have you played for them? What position do you play in?

I have officially been playing for them since I was 17 I turned pro and signed a 4 year contract but have been sent out on loan in England to gain experience but recently came back to Portugal as the loan finished in January and since then I have been training with the first team. As for position I would prefer to play as a forward that’s the position I’ve been playing since I was a kid but I do play central midfield for the reserves but to be honest I’m just happy to be at this club with such a beautiful history and I’m honoured to be a part of that history.

4. What do you enjoy most about the lifestyle in Portugal?

(laughs) I get asked this every time I come back to England ha erm there’s a lot of good things such as the food, drink, girls (smiles) and weather but I would have to say the atmosphere it’s always a great friendly vibe where ever you go to be honest you’re always going to have a laugh and people always greet you with a smile so that’s the main reason behind why I love Portugal.

5. What do you think makes a great footballer?

Passion , self confidence , Commitment and belief.

6. Is there a footballer that you look up to/ inspires you?

Erm only have 2 strangely, but my first one is Cristiano Ronaldo mainly because his Portuguese and his from the same place as where I was born. However my favourite player outside Portugal has to be Matt Phillips from Blackpool he has so much ability and confidence and he’s technique is next to none.

7. What have you learnt from your time at CS Maritimo so far?

That with COMMITMENT you get SELF CONFIDENCE which leads to people having BELIEF in your ability to flourish with PASSION for the sport.

8. Where do you hope to take your career in football?

I don’t want to say to high up as I’m just happy to be playing for the club my granddad played for and loved, anymore will be a bonus.

Esjae x

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