Review: Rebecca Ferguson – Too Good To Lose (Music Video)

A runner up on the 2010 series of the X Factor UK Rebecca Ferguson captured the hearts of much of the nation as well as showing that she has a talent, her incredible voice.
Her latest single ‘Too Good To Lose’ video was released on 2nd February 2012 and is a great show case of her talent accompanied by a slick video with Rebecca Ferguson wandering the streets of LA in a distinctive red dress suitable for the red carpet.
This track really show cases her incredible voice which she definitely knows how to use! By making Rebecca the focus of this video the audience are really able to appreciate the talent that she has. 
Out on the 4th March 2012 this track is sure to be a hit not only is it catch but the vocals are of good quality and even has a great video, this is a rare combination in todays music industry! In my opinion Rebecca Ferguson is on the road to a top 10!
– Esjae x

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