Business Notes: Entrepreneurs

An entrepreneur is someone who is willing to take a risk to start a new project or a new business. ‘Enterprise’ refers to the skills needed to do this. An entrepreneur has an idea and then tries to make it work. Entrepreneurs see the resources that are available and the possibilities of combining them in a particular way to provide a product or service. Entrepreneurs create new businesses and in so doing provide new products and services. Some entrepreneurs, such as Richard Branson of Virgin and Stelios Haji – Ioannou of easyGroup, continually have ideas for new businesses and set up many different ones during their careers. Such people are called ‘serial entrepreneurs’.

Entrepreneurs create change and challenge the way things are done. They find and create new markets, generate income and employment and bring about innovation. They are extremely important to the growth of an economy and to improving the quality and range of goods and services on offer.
Enterprise (or entrepreneurship) involves discovering, evaluating and exploiting business opportunities.

– Esjae x

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