Business Notes: Case Study – Beautiful Vending

Neil Mackay and Richard Starrett met while studying at Glasgow’s Strathclyde University. One day in 2004, they were talking about the problems that young women have with ‘frizzy hair’ when out clubbing. They came up with a great product idea – a vending machine that helps women to straighten their hair quickly on arrival at their destination. They took over a year to develop the idea, and over £100,000 was invested to manufacture, design, marketing and legal costs. The product – originally called the ‘Straight Up’ styler (now called Beautiful Vending Style) – was first released in Scotland in 2005 and the machines are now available nationally in 900 nightclubs, four gym chains and two shopping centres as well as being available in 500 locations internationally. This is the third successful business that Neil and Richard have established together. Their company, Beautiful Vending, is based in Hamilton and is the only company in the world to make and distribute the styling machines.
You can find out more about Beautiful Vending by following the link below:

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