Poem: All I Want To Do

A message out of the blue
Reminded me of you
The times we used to spend together
Running around in all types of weather
Then we grew up
We had separate paths to follow, different journeys to pursue
But now I’m back in contact with you
Reminiscing about the old times is all I want to do
What do you think?

– Esjae x

New Ebook!

Right I enjoyed writing my two poetry ebooks but now I’m going to start writing something a bit different. I’m going to to publish it exclusively on Kindle and hope to have it finished and launched on 14th February 2012.

What is it going to be about? It will be an autobiographical novel based upon my relationship with Scott (some people will know he is where I get the inspiration for some of my poems from) It will all be true events. The ebook will be used to raise money for our wedding.

– Esjae x

Poem: This World

Have you ever thought that the world was built for you
But that there is something missing
That’s just how I felt before I found you
And spend time in your arms gently kissing

I never knew that in you
I would find the key to unlock my heart
Kept safe for our special start
No one would have thought we would be together
Ready for our future to last forever

Now I know the world wasn’t built for me
But for the two of us
We don’t need to shout it from the rooftops or to make a fuss
Because when people look at us it’s obvious for people to see
This is a love built to last
And we’ll treasure every moment as it goes past

What do you think?

– Esjae x

Poem: This New Year Is Just For You

Today is the beginning of a brand new year
Hold me close my dear
For with me you should know you have nothing to fear
Whatever may come our way
Together we shall stay
The bad days will come and go
Helping our love to grow
So much is happening in the world around us
But that’s not what we want to discuss
Thinking and talking about where we want to be
The future together is what we both see

The first of January
Only 3 months and 5 days till our anniversary
Two years together
Me and you it’s forever
From this year to the next
I’ll tell you that I love you and how much I care for you
Whether it’s in person or by text
I’ll do everything I can do
Just for you

What do you think?

– Esjae x

A quick note

I haven’t posted anything recently because I’ve been working on my poetry ready for the challenge starting in January, although I might need to postpone it yet due to applying to university this year. I’ll update you all on this over the next few weeks.

But if I don’t go ahead with the challenge then I will post the poetry and have some great new content for you all!

– Esjae x

My Challenge: A Poem A Day Keeps The Doctor Away!

I am a keen young poet and I really want to make a difference for those who are affected by Rheumatoid Arthritis  so I have set myself a challenge! From  the 1st January 2012 to the 31st December 2012 (366 Days) I will be writing a poem each and every day, I will post it on to my blog (http://esjaeofficial.blogspot.com/) I will also post a video recording of it on to my YouTube channel (http://www.youtube.com/theofficialesjae) so you can see exactly what the poem is each day!

I think it will be great to receive some support and to help an amazing charity at the same time so please sponsor me with my little challenge!

How your money will help:

£20 pays for a complex helpline call/email, research and tailored follow up
£50 funds the production of an information toolkit for a volunteer
£120 funds a resource pack for health professionals to provide patient support
£500 funds the setting up of an NRAS group in the UK
£880 pays for an average month’s mailing of requested information leaflets
£2,000 pays to run an information day

About NRAS:

NRAS provides support, information and advocacy for people with Rheumatoid Arthritis and Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis, their families, friends and carers. We are also a resource for health professionals with an interest in rheumatology and work closely with rheumatology teams across the UK.
Our goal is ‘a better life for people living with rheumatoid arthritis’ and we seek to achieve this by:
Providing information, education, support and advocacy
Raising public and government awareness of RA
Campaigning for equity of access to best treatment and care
Facilitating the networking of people with RA and encouraging self-help

To find out more please visit: http://www.nras.org.uk/

My reason for choosing this charity:

This is very simple my Mum who is my Best Friend as well as my Mum has RA so I can see firsthand what this condition does and the difficulties it causes those who have it.

I know that my target is quite large (£1000) but I know that a lot of good can be done with this amount of money and with your help I think I could make a big difference to a charity which is close to my heart.

Take a look at my Just Giving page to donate and support my challenge: http://www.justgiving.com/esjaeofficial


Please support me and help me out in my challenge!

– Esjae x