A little notice!

Hi everyone,

I thought I would try and make you all aware of the new ‘donate’ button in the side bar, I hope that by adding this people stop visiting this blog but there are several reasons as to why I have added this feature and I’ll try and explain them all to you in the post.

The first reason is that I spend a huge amount of time writing poetry and creating the pieces of artwork that I post and I always want to be able to offer my downloads for free however this is becoming harder to do therefore by adding the donate button it will enable me to be able to purchase better software for creating ebooks and videos for my youtube channel which will give you even more content to look at!

I am also hoping to go to university next year and with the rise in fees, living costs and everything thing else the little savings I have aren’t going to be able to cover this, so I hope that my poetry and artwork will be able to help me to increase my savings slightly and make going to university a little bit more of a certainty  (for anyone who is interested I want to study business studies at degree level).

I hope that by adding this little button it stops people from visiting this blog and that you all understand why I have added it.

– Esjae x


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