Poem: When I Look Beside Me

When I look beside me and see you standing there
I’m reminded of all the things you have and continue to do for me
All because of this bond between us that makes you care
It’s invisible for all but the heart to see

Sometimes I don’t feel as though I’m giving enough
But this love has always manages to pull us through
Even in the darkest days when it’s gotten tough
I have been able to smile because I look beside me and see you

You might fear that I’m going to leave
But every day for now and forever
I promise you we will remain together
Because in us I have and always will believe

What do you think of this one?

-Esjae x

I’ll update you all a little more!

I know I should be posting poems right now, but seeing as I’m will and I’m doing loads of work on a few of my ‘poetry projects’ I thought I’d let you in all of the because you’re all great and help me out.

So lets run down all of my links:

youtube screen shot http://www.youtube.com/theofficialesjae – My Youtube channel. I haven’t been very active on this recently but I will be getting down to putting some new videos up soon. So make sure you keep an eye out for that one.


twitter screenshot


https://twitter.com/staceyhubbard93 – My twitter account. This is my brand new account I am no longer using @sj2093 so if you are following that account please unfollow it and follow @staceyhubbard93 instead! I decided to get a new account because I was following too many irrelevant accounts that I wasn’t interested in, so rather than unfollow them all I thought I’d start again.

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https://www.facebook.com/theesjaeofficial – My official Facebook page. Please if you have Facebook head over to this link and like my page. Comment on my work, leave a message on the wall, I’d love to hear from you.


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http://poetic-memories.weebly.com/ – Poetic Memories. This is a little side business I have set up in connection with all of my poetry. It enables me to post things for free download such as my ebook, but I hope to sell personalised poems from this website for a small fee (this part of the site is still being created). All profits from this site will be used to help me fund going to and being at university (one of my biggest dreams is to study business studies at degree level – So I’ve combined my two biggest interests to try and help me with my dream). I’ll keep you posted here with any downloads and anything else that might interest you that is on the Poetic Memories website.


personal blog screenshot

http://staceyjadehubbard.blogspot.com/ – My personal blog. Yes it’s another new one, basically my old one was cluttered, confusing and just didn’t represent me really. This one does. Go check it out if you want to know more about me and my daily life!



So that is all of the links I can think of that you would be interested in, if I think of anymore I’ll just post them… I might change my contact page into a links page so you can find them easier. You might have noticed that the navigation bar at the top of the feed has changed slightly. I thought it would be nice for you to find certain things easier at the click of a button.

-Esjae x

Picture Perfect #1

The Greatest Gift















You can see all my poems as pictures on my Facebook page! If you do head over there please like it!

I also have a portfolio on Poetic Memories where all my poems are being featured as I am going to start selling personalised poems… I’ll write another post about this later! But you can download my ebook in PDF format for free at the bottom of the page about me on the site! – I’ll be putting other free downloads on there too.

-Esjae x

Poem: The Greatest Gift

You have been given the greatest gift
Be sure to treasure this life you have been given to raise
The time will be sure to pass in a blurry haze
But every single moment will be sure to amaze

Each day you will be reminded of the perfection
The parcel of joy you hold in your arms has inside
Between the two of you is an unbreakable connection
Something you should always be proud of and unwilling to hide

Treasure every single day
You have been given the greatest gift that life can give
Not a single second are you able to relive
So treasure every minute, hour and day as though it isn’t going to stay

What do you think?

-Esjae x

A little thank you!

Wow things have been going so well on this blog – in just over 5 months this blog has had over 1200 hits! So thank you to everyone who has looked and is looking now, I really appreciate it!

Thank you for all the comments, the good and the bad I appreciate it all I especially love the criticism because it makes me want to improve even more.

As a thank you to everyone my ebook will be available for FREE download off of the new Poetic Memories website – the last website just wasn’t cutting it for me so I’m launching it again, I’ll post a link where you can get it as soon as the website is finalised.

Once again – Thank you so much for all you comments, views and support!

-Esjae x

Poem: One Day You’ll Find Me

Nothing feels right
So I follow the light
Heading up into the night
One day we will reunite
But until then I’ll be alright
I’ll just float around
In this new life I’m not making a sound
Where I head to
I can’t tell you
But one day you will find me
Just when that is I can’t guarantee

Promise to visit me at my graveside
Tell me about your day, know that in me you can confide
And I’ll be there every day to help and guide
Because even though you can’t see me I’ll always be by your side


What do you think?

-Esjae x

Poem: Take These Words As My Promise To You

I want you to take these words as my promise to you
To love and cherish you and everything single thing you do
You have been my one true love from the very beginning
Whenever I think of you I know that in this life I’m winning
It doesn’t matter where we are
You’ll always be my shining star

I promise to love you,
To let you have every piece of my heart
I promise to support you in all you do,
To be by your side and never let anything pull us apart
I promise you this is forever,
Because this isn’t something that can be thrown away
I promise you that I won’t be walking away ever
Because by your side is where I want to stay

I know that we’re only young
And that some would say our lives have only just begun
It doesn’t matter where you are or what you do
I’ll always love you and support you
Through the laughs and tears, the ups and downs
I won’t run away, I’m always going to be around

Take this promise and never forget
I’m taking this journey with you and only you
I know that the future isn’t something I’ll ever come to regret
Because in my heart it’s only about us two


What do you think?

– Esjae x

Poem: You Might Surprise Yourself

Race, Place
Black, White
Tall, Small
Fat, Thin
Cheating, Beating
Dreaming, Screaming
Hoping, Praying
Crying, Lying, Dying
Teenagers, prejudice
Guns, Knives
Louts, layabout
Hoodys, scum

Don’t stereotype me
Don’t tell me who I should be
I see all the problems you see
Don’t try and blame them on me
Times have changed
Communties rearranged
Knives carried for pride
Cars taken for a joy ride
You only see the bad
All the things that make us mad
You want us to change
You call us strange
We need opportunities
Some sense of responsibilities
A way to repay the communities
You’ve taken everything away
Then leave us with the blame

Teenage pregnancies
Dangers and obscenities
Guns and knives
So many have lost their lives
Lost and gone
But never forgotten

Don’t just give them a passing glance
Give them another chance
A helping hand might be all they need
Listen to their opinions you might surprise yourself, you might not disagree


Let me know what you think

-Esjae x

Poem: You Don’t Need To Pretend

I watch people shut down, turn off
I see people roll their eyes, tut, scoff
They want me to be the same
But I don’t want to follow the crowd, I don’t need someone else to blame
Society has taught me to see a man begging in the street
And turn my back without giving him anything to eat
I’m meant to have a smile every single day
I’m not allowed my own opinion, can’t have my own say
So listen up this is me breaking out, I refuse to be just another person
I won’t stand back and let this situation worsen

I won’t salute a leader I don’t believe in
I won’t pray to a God if I’m only going to sin
I’m not the definition of perfect
But I’m always going to give our war heroes respect
I’m not part of your religion
That doesn’t mean I’m going to treat you like vermin
If I have a problem I know it’s mine
I won’t pass it off on someone else and say that I resign

Life is tough
You might have had enough
You don’t always have to be strong
As long as you know where you belong
Everything will work out in the end
Be yourself, it’s your life you don’t need to pretend


What do you think?

– Esjae x