Poem – A Grain Of Rice

Dying in Africa
We say we’re starving
The lost their life, just fighting for a grain of rice
Supermarkets scatter the streets
Imagine days on your feet
All for a grain of rice
Doctors on our doorstep
Think of dragging a loved one for miles around
In the hope that help will be found
Live a day in their life
And it’ll be easy
I’m not starving are you?

Looking on my old hard drive is producing quite a few poems, I’ll keep posting what I find.

– Esjae x

Poem – A Feeling No One Can Miss

Walking hand in hand
Strolling side by side
I stare into your eyes
Met by your longing gaze
It’s a feeling that you can’t miss
Greeted by your kiss
Just to be with you
Is all I’d ever want to do

Another old one I’ve dug out for you, let me know what you think.

– Esjae x

Poem – A Dream Love

Your breath on my neck
Our lips pressed together
A feeling I can’t describe
Every time your eyes meet mine
I fall deeper in love,
With your smile, with the blue in your eyes

I don’t need to search anymore
Because standing in front of my door
Is my knight, my Mr. Right

With so many fish in the sea,
I didn’t realise how easy it would be,
To find someone perfect for me

On my mind twenty four seven
My new found heaven
A future life
I long to be called your wife

This poem is one from a while back – I hope you enjoy it and like always let me know what you think! It’s featured in my ebook available on amazon.

– Esjae x

Poem – I wish I knew

I’m standing on this rooftop
Trying to figure out how I can stop,
People having to stop dreaming,
People having to stop believing
How can I make a difference
How can I help those suffering in silence
What about those losing a loved one
What about those who have died before their life even begun
I see so many smiles that are disappearing
So many hateful words I keep hearing
What about those fighting for everyone
What about those without anyone
Fathers, Mothers,
Sisters, Brothers
Families torn apart
What do we do for those who can’t have a fresh start
How about those with people in the sky
What about those who didn’t have the chance to say goodbye

What do we do when praying isn’t enough
What do we do when it all gets too tough
What do we do?

…I wish I knew…