Spoken Word Learnt My Lessons


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This poem doesn’t really rhyme very much, but that was intentional I wanted this poem to be unconventional like the scenario in the poem. I got the idea for the poem from a lot of what is happening in the media at the moment.


I may not be one hundred percent faithful
Definitely not any kind of angel
Living two lives
Not one, yes I’m two wives
Your ring is on my finger during the day
Replaced by his at night
No I’m not here to fight
Look just sit down and listen
When I’m with you there is something missing
Don’t talk, let me finish
The way he loves me is lavish
He treats me to nice things
So I gave these second blessings
I know it’s wrong
And I shouldn’t be dragging the two of you along

You can have the ring back
And I’ll pack my things in the sack
I know you see me as the devil
Even I didn’t think it was possible
To be in love with two people
But I did it
And now I’m quitting it
Because I don’t want to be playing around with your emotions
Now that I’ve learnt my lessons


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