Poem – My Only Love

This love is consuming me

It’s creating the sinner in me

Taking over my mind, body and heart

When I’m with him I can’t let us be apart

It’s been like this between us ever since the start

He’s always been there to love and care

When we’re apart if feels too much to bare

We stay strong united in our love for each other

Because his love couldn’t be replaced by another

Whenever I hear him whisper my name

I know that between us this love will always remain

We may fight and argue

But I know that this happiness inside of me is all down to you

When I’m wrapped up in your arms

I know that I couldn’t come to any harm

As its the safest place that I can ever be

I hope that I never have to set you free

Because that would destroy me

At night I lie in bed

And its only thoughts of him that run through my head

I know that not an inch of my heart could ever stray

Because with him I am meant to stay

The one who gives me a purpose

Who tells me that I’m not worthless

Everyone can see that we are meant to be

We don’t need to think about the if, buts or maybe

Because together we can see the problems through

between us, just us two


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