Poem–Don’t Have You

Dear Mr Right who is obviously Mr Wrong

First up I want to say, I want my heart back because with you it doesn’t belong

See I know it doesn’t matter about me and you

And everything that you put me through

All the lies and cheatin’ isn’t something my heart will allow

Life is tough but I understand you want to be with her now

I’m starting to take a new direction

One that doesn’t need any of your so called affection

You committed the three deadly sins of love

Lie, cheat and beat

Yeah, that’s right, you can tick all of the above

Now you see when it comes to me and you

I was always in last place, back of the queue

Didn’t ever think that I could be without you,

But now I know that I’ll be fine

And that without you my heart won’t flat line

I’ve realised that I’ve got to dry my eyes

Because chance for love with another is going to arise

I used to put you first and me last

But now those times are times of the past

Now that you’ve broken my heart

And we are living out lives apart

All because you put our love under attack

Don’t ever expect me to take you back.


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